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Thursday, November 3-5, 2005

The Second U.S. Hado Instructor School opened its doors to 36 new participants on the 3rd of November 2005 at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton in Southern California.

All the participants were very eager to start the event and arrived early for the registration. As they all sat through the initial orientation with a message from Dr. Masaru Emoto and some staff, they gladly shared where and why they decided to be present at this special school.

There were people from various backgrounds.from natural or alternative healers to school teachers to scientists.all, looking for more in-depth understanding of Dr. Emoto's work and water.


The second day-the room was full of excited people and the classroom style lecture theatre was full. We also had returning Hado Instructors from our first U.S. Hado Instructor School, which was held in June of this year.

They were all excited to meet the new participants and were happy to see their peers as well. The lectures started with a greeting message from Dr. Emoto as he explained in detail, the fundamental principles of Hado and its theory.

There were many people who have not attended Dr. Emoto's seminars, so the room was focused on Dr. Emoto's every word.


Of course, just as the first Hado Instructor School was, the participants were expected to rise and shine early! However, this time, for the first time in history, the "Dai-Ajari" made a special appearance, demonstration, and lecture for the students. "Dai-Ajari" for those of you who do not know what that title signifies, is that it is the highest rank to be achieved in the Buddhist religion. These Buddhist monks go through a series of arduous training-the hardest, being the last nine days of the 1000 day training. During the last nine days of the training to become a "Dai-Ajari", one cannot have any food, water, rest, sleep and cannot lie down. Many have lost their lives in an attempt to complete this training, and historically, there are only 49 "Dai-Ajaris" since 1585, where the records previous to that time unfortunately was burned in a fire during a war. Therefore, for this 49th Dai-Ajari, Genshin Fujinami, to have participated in our Hado Instructor School, was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
(for more information about Dai Ajari, please click here)

The morning session began with the viewing of the film "Ajari Goes", where it depicts Genshin Fujinami Dai-Ajari's training on film, and then the students were lead by the Dai Ajari and Sotetsu Matsumura "Jushoku", who is a top ranked master at the Shutoku Temple, about the fundamental principles of a "zazen" (Buddhist meditation). After a change of location to a more serene place where everyone sat on the floor atop a thin sitting mat (zabuton), the students closed their eyes, were instructed to release all tension from their bodies, especially from around the neck and shoulders, and to concentrate on "nothingness". Matsumura Jushoku walked around the room as the students tried to sit still in a lotus or half lotus position, and Matsumura Jushoku kindly adjusted each student.


While Matsumura Jushoku was busy attending to each student, the Dai Ajari walked around the room to give "The Kyosaku" (which is a blow on the shoulder with the light stick carried by a Zen priest during meditation. The blow is given during the meditation sessions when one feels himself becoming drowsy or is having difficulty concentrating. The Kyosaku is given only to those who request it, is not painful, and is very beneficial in clearing the mind and in making meditation more meaningful.)

This is where one receives a light but firm hitting between the shoulder blade as he or she bows forward. This is a common practice during a zazen, and this is practiced so that any distraction in the mind can be eradicated. It is said that during a "real" zazen practice, if one did not notice a monk walking towards him to give the Kyosaku it is because that monk receiving the hitting, is not "in the moment" and did not have an "empty" mind.



After all the students were adjusted, Matsumura Jushoku and the Dai Ajari chanted a Buddhist sutra for about 5 minutes. The beautiful chant echoed through the dark room where the students sat in a focused but relaxed manner. The zazen ended with everyone slowly opening their eyes and stretching their legs. The participants automatically stood up to bow and to give gratitude and respect to the two master teachers of Buddhism.
After the zazen meditation practice, the participants returned to the main room to hear the lecture in regards to the essence of Japan, Japanese and Zen, lead by Matsumura Jushoku. Participants were all moved and reported that they were so blessed and grateful to be able to be in the presence of two great masters, and to have been able to experience the zazen meditation demonstration. The two great masters were kind and generous that each student was given an opportunity to take a picture with both of them. The students lined up for this chance to capture this special event as each opened their cameras.

The wonderful events of this day were followed and ended by a beautiful dinner party at the hotel. All the participants, whether they were dressed in a beautiful gown, suit, or in casual attire, looked magnificent, happy, and were filled with so much bright energy! The night began with a short message from Dr. Emoto and the President, and of course, great food and drinks! During the evening, all the "new" instructors were no doubt inspired by the wonderful stories and experiences shared by the first Hado Instructors. Each of the first Hado Instructors shared how their experiences as a graduate of the course literally changed their lives. Some, without knowing, discovered that they were being approached by schools and friends to spread the message; and others, reported on how actively they are pursuing their career and life filled with Dr. Emoto's message. Their eyes sparkled as they all shared their stories, and the prominent message was that they felt a renewed gratitude, love, and passion for water, people, nature, and the planet. They were all glowing as they generously shared the love in their hearts to the entire group.

The night ended with a fun group picture which we needed to practically dismantle the room so as to accommodate everyone! It was such a memorable and an inspirational evening filled with much laughter, connection, love, and gratitude.

The last day of the Second Hado Instructor School. The day began with Mr. Takashige Kizu, from the I.H.M. Office in Japan, who lectured in regards to the practical application and editing methods of the water crystal photographs and slide presentations.

This lecture was then lead by the President of I.H.M., Mr. Hirotsugu Hazaka: The beauty of crystals and life design. His message is so inspirational and through several


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